Cake Candles

Everybody needs birthday candles! Choose from plain candles, number shaped candles, sports shaped candles and much more!

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Blue Feet Candles

Blue Feet Candles£3.50

Pink Feet Candles

Pink Feet Candles£3.50

Beer Can Shaped Candles

Beer Can Shaped Candles£2.99

Gold Tall Candles

Gold Tall Candles£2.99

Happy Birthday Pick Candles

Happy Birthday Pick Candles£2.99

No.0 Pink Glitter Candle£2.99

No.2 Gold Glitter Candle

No.2 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

No.3 Gold Glitter Candle

No.3 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

No.4 Gold Glitter Candle

No.4 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

No.5 Gold Glitter Candle

No.5 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

No.6 Gold Glitter Candle

No.6 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

No.8 Gold Glitter Candle

No.8 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

No.9 Gold Glitter Candle

No.9 Gold Glitter Candle£2.99

Red Pearlised Tall Candles

Red Pearlised Tall Candles£2.99

Silver Tall Candles

Silver Tall Candles£2.99

White Pearlised Tall Candles£2.99

Rugby Ball Shaped Candles

Rugby Ball Shaped Candles£2.75

Football Shaped Candles

Football Shaped Candles£2.50

Happy Birthday Candles

Happy Birthday Candles£2.50

Cricket  Ball Shaped Candles

Cricket Ball Shaped Candles£2.25

stripey tall candles thin

stripey tall candles thin£0.50   £0.40


Page 1 of 1:    34 Items
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