Food Colours

We have an extensive range of food Colourings for all manner of applications. If you are looking to colour Buttercream or Sugarpaste (Roll Out Icing) then we highly recommend  Paste Food Colour. For fine detail you may want to use a Food Pen on dry icing.

If you're looking for a more subtle finish, (perfect for Sugar Flowers) our range of powder colours (Blossom Tints) are just the job, they can be dusted on to dry icing, and don't need glue to stick, you can also paint with them if you mix them with clear alcohol or lemon juice.

Our range of Extra Concentrate colours are great for getting depth of colour for trickier colours such as Red, Black and Dark Green.

 We also stock Metallic 100% edible Spray Paints and brush paints, so you can get really creative with food colour on your next cake!

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